Celebrity Fashion Of Naeto C The Nigerian Rapper

Celebrity Fashion Of Naeto C The Nigerian Rapper

Naeto c is one of the top rappers in Nigeria even though he didn't blow up like others right now, but still rappers have respect for him because he pioneered English rap in Nigeria and made hit records with other rappers.

Someone like him don't really need the money he gets from music, he is just doing it for the passion, not because he wants to make more money from it am saying that because his parents is already rich and he was born in USA with his parents then they later came back to Nigeria. 

Naeto C ventured into English rap in Nigeria, which he had a good going career, but he didn't have the longevity on his side, most of his fans have forget about him, that's the reason that inspired me to present to his fans and people who really listen to his music back in the day his latest outfit and how he looks over the years. 

Naeto C being a rich kid, music or no music he's still looking good and better than most people who are making a lot of money from music now let's skip the talking and see how he dresses in suits and all types of clothes

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