Celebrity Fashion Of Dorathy The BBNaija House Mate

Celebrity Fashion Of Dorathy The BBNaija House Mate

Dorathy is admired by most housemate in Nigeria, she is one of the most character with the most charisma. 

Dorathy, even though she didn't win the competition she still have so many people who are up in her fan base waiting for her to make the next move of the career,Whether iwill be a model that will make magazine cover or movie actress or anything at all the fans is just waiting for her to make the next move.

If you could look at her social media page you can see her with other women celebrities, that include actress, actors and musicians and right now she leaves her fans in suspense of not knowing what her next move. 

All Dorathy fans are waiting for her to drop her next project, she already have something her fans will appreciate and that is her personal lifestyle, that's why I want to present it to you so you can see for yourself and know if she will make a good model, if she enter the into that, or she will be a better actress. 

Apart from acting she can also start other business in real life which has nothing to do with publicity or entertainment, whatever she decides to do she is already popular and she'll be successful just because of her fame alone. 

I know a lot of people in my neighborhood who really wish they can marry her, if people in my hood wish to marry imagine how many rich people will have interest in her, which means to say she may get married to someone who is rich and she will maintain her luxury lifestyle

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