When That Phone I Your Hands Fall Inside Water Don't Panic Do This Instead

When That Phone I Your Hands Fall Inside Water Don't Panic Do This Instead

It is a fact that mistakenly dropping your phone in water could be a really sad thing. Your phone can get soaked with water when it mistakenly drops in water in the kitchen, the swimming pool or even by rain. And, the truth is many of us have lost all the data( pictures, contacts, documents) on the phone because we didn't know what to do.

So, this post will be sharing seven(7) steps to take when your phone drops in water or gets soaked by rain. Read And Enjoy!


1. The first thing to do is to remove the phone from the water immediately it drops.

This step may look weird because that's obviously what anyone would do, bit the reason I am stating this is because, the earlier you remove the phone from the water, the higher your odds of saving the phone.

2. Quickly switch the phone off.


If your mobile phone does not go off on its own, please switch it off immediately you remove it from water. Another way to do this is to remove the phone battery so to power off the entire device. Note that the reason for doing this is to prevent against short-circuiting.

3. Remove the bathis step is only for people that don't make use of phones with in built-in batteries. Therefore, modern phones users can skip this step.

4. The next step is to remove the storage card and sim card, and every other peripherals.

After taking out all these slots from the phone, carefully clean the phone until it's dry(do this with a neat microfiber piece of cloth).

Note that papers must not be used because they stand a higher chance of getting stucked in the slots.


5. The next step is to place the cleaned phone in an empty bag.

Did you know that doing this will remove water that are stuck in areas of the phone where paper cannot get to. All you have to do place the phone in a plastic bag and then extract air. This process creates a vacuum effect.

6. The next step is to place the phone in an absorbent (like raw rice).

As stated earlier, there are some difficult areas of the phone like storage card slots that a piece of cloth can't reach.

Since raw rice is a good absorbent, put the phone inside it for about 2 days. It would surprise you that the rice will effectively absorb any form of moisture in the phone.

7. Lastly, switch on the phone and wait for it to boot. I strongly believe that if all this steps are followed, your phone should power up.

Thanks for reading.

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